Personal Training Sessions

I'm here to help y0u acheive your goals!

Looking for that one-on-one approach to take your training further?  Need help with specific goals to work toward an athletic performance best?  Schedule your 1:1 Training Package with me today and let's get to work!  PLEASE NOTE:  These packages are on limited in availability!


the Great Eight (Single Month Package)

$500 for eight 1-hour sessions, two days per week for four weeks.  Includes nutrition coaching and custom meal planning.

the six-pack

$400 for six 1-hour sessions on a punch card.  All sessions must be used within three months of purchase.  Includes initial nutrition consult.

The Monthly Muscle (Recurring Monthly)

$250 per month for two 1-hour sessions per week, on a punchcard.  Sessions should be scheduled out with me in advance.  Includes initial nutrition consult.  Recurs monthly, no cancellation fee with 30-days notice.


$80 per hour, pay as you go.  Session must be booked one week in advance, 50% cancellation fee.

Written Workouts program

$50 for one month (12 written workouts) of planned written workouts with instruction.  Includes one initial consult, and upon request, one initial hands-on workout with coaching.